Fabio Brotto – Foglie D’Oro

Can you describe your company in about 20 words?
Foglie d’Oro is now one of the most quoted company in the reality of high quality wooden floor. It collaborates with showrooms and design studios in luxury projects all around the world. These floors, exclusively made in Italy” can be placed with great harmony in any setting, giving to those who choose them emotions and beauty whose preciousness will last over time.

What’s your ‘core business’?
Foglie d’Oro headquarter is in Italy and manages their own sawmills located in Europe, for the retrieval and processing of raw materials. The know-how gained in over 40 years, has enabled the company to specialize in the manufacture of highquality hardwood from Europe, North America and now also coming from South America. Part of the secret of our success is the importance of control of the entire production chain, which guarantee the control of the quality from raw material to finished product.

What’s your strong point?
– 20.000m2 stock of raw material coming from 50.000 CM of timber moved all the year long. There are no more companies capable of sourcing raw material since timber is everyday more difficult to supply.
– 100% Italian design and manufacturing.
– The entire supply chain control gives us great flexibility in customizing products on demand

What’s your most important product?
The flagship line called Sinuosa: surfaces of exclusive form, consisting of different shaped elements, which are to be combine to compose imaginative essence, colours and finishes alternations and precious geometric or floral games. The Oak dialogues with handmade inlais in American Walnut and Oak. Engineered structure in 2 layers, 20mm thickness with finishes to be chosen within our standard collections or customized on request

What’s your export percentage? Which countries do you mainly export to?
60/70% of turnover is due to export, main countries Russia, China, Mexico, Usa, India, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbajan, England