Renza Altoè – Garbelotto

Can you describe your company in about 20 words?
Our company has a young and dynamic management team which maintains its great traditions while looking to the future by investing in technologically advanced machinery.

What’s your ‘core business’?
High quality production lives up to the name of Made in Italy. From the initial creative idea to the final finishing phase we offer our clients a complete service which is continuously kept up to date in line with new trends and designs.

What’s your strong point?
We have the right synthesis of quality, an almost infinite range of products, dynamic sample production, research, development and marketing.

What’s your most important product?
All of our products can be regarded as key ones. We produce industrially but with hand-crafted finishing. There are different product lines, all with great appeal and sales possibilities.

What’s your export percentage? Which countries do you mainly export to?
Our exports show a steady upward trend. Our Made in Italy products sell like hot cakes all over the world.